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 One of three Staffs owned by Lord Pyrate.

After creating the Skull Staff, Lord Pyrate created this one. It was used to destroy anything that got in his way. But once he got to know his crew, he didn't want them to find out about the Staff of Light, so he buried it at an old castle ruins in Romania.

When Tia Dalma escaped from theStormstalker, when she betrayed them, she was sailing on a row boat when the Skeletons rescued her. Dreadeye was going to enslave her, but she promised to be useful to them. She told them of the time when she knew Lord Pyrate in the past and that she remembered him taking her to the castle ruins (the location of the staff). Dreadeye needed her to take him to the Staff of light, which he had found out about in an old parchment by Lord Pyrate. They then set off to find the Staff.

They eventaully found it in Petrov Castle in Romania. Since Lord Pyrate hid it there, the castle was reoccupied by Hungarian Count, Count Pretrov. When Dreadeye got there, they attacked the castle and searched the tunnels underground, to find the Staff. They found it, and as a test to see how powerful it was, Dreadeye pointed the Staff at the Castle wall and the wall turned into flames and was destroyed, even though, it was made of stone. They left with this most powerful object, and set off for the Carbbean.

Made up by Baginman.

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