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One of three magical Staffs owned by the Lord Pyrate.

The Skull Staff was created by Lord Pyrate, after he had descovered The Madillian Staff and old spells of magic, whilst sailing the high seas. In the old spell book, it explained how to put magic into different objects. So he took some of the magic from the Madillian Staff, and made a new one. This one had the power to turn his enemies, once dead, trapped on earth by an evil spell which enslaved them into his control.

Before he died, he hid all the magic Staffs he owned, apart from the Skull Staff. After years of looting enemy ships, he and his crew gathered countless amounts of treasure. But Lord Pyrate believed that no one should have his treasure once he died, so he orded his men to hide it, but they disobeyed. He knew this was to happen, so he turned them into Skeletons and used them like slaves, cursed by the Skull Staff and forced to obey him. But the Skeletons also had dead slaves obeying them, called the Lost Souls, who were forced by the Staff, to give the Phantom its invinciibility.

But anyone could free them, as long as they held the staff to do so. (By the way, there was more to the Skeleton's curse than just the Skull Staff, so they couldn't free themselves, because if they tried, they would die.). One day, the Privateers had discovered about the staff, they went on board the Phantom, grabbed the Staff, and freed the Lost Souls, meaning the ship no longer had its invincibility and was sunk by both the Stormstalker and theAvenger together. They thought they had done it, but little did they know, that Dreadeye was ready for revenge.

The Losts Souls now had freedom and conquered lands of their own. But the Skeletons had discovered that they now owned the Skull Staff, and tried to get it back, but the strength of the Lost Souls was too powerful for them and they failed to return it. Not that that worried Dreadeye, for he had found the Location of a different Staff of Magic, The Madillian Staff.

They found a journal by Lord Pyrate, buried at Pyrate's Cove, which had detailed inscriptions about where he had hid this other Staff. In Venice, Italy. When they had found it, they realised that it could give the Phantom its invincibility, just like the Skull Staff did, exept, they weren't relying on the Lost Souls to do the work.

This is a made up story by Baginman.

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