The Ramshackle family had settled at Port Royal, Jamiaca in 1666. Nathaniel Ramshackle owned a fishing boat and hoped to inheret his love of fishing to his two sons, Thomas and Archibald. One day, Nathaniel and his sons set sail aboard their boat, when by accident, Archibald fell into the sea. They managed to save him, but by suprise, he found a mysterious object in the sea, which he took with him. It was a golden staff with a gem on top of it.

They eventually found out that it was a staff which had gone missing about 150 years before. After researching through books and from different people, they found out that in 1514, Francis Madillian, a Catholic priest, had come from a long journey and on his adventures had discovered a form of magic. He showed the Pope this magical staff and what it could do, but he disaproved of it, because it was black magic, and had him burnt as a heretic. According to legend, Madillian's staff had given him invincability, and he came back to life, got his staff back, and sailed the seven seas. But he lost the staff in the sea. He needed the staff to survive, for it generated his power to him. But he ran out of time to fnd it and died.

This staff had amazing history, and Archibald wanted to use it for himself. But his father, Nathaniel, thought it was a danger to the public, and was planning to try and destroy it. Archibald couldn't allow this to happen, so he ran off with it.

He grew up a powerful and invincable man and came known to be called Lord Pyrate. However, something caused him to lose the staff, an event which his crew never understood, and of which he never explained happening. Whatever the consequence, he was dying without it. He became so ill, he had to assign his first mate, Dreadeye, to defeat his one and only living compeditor, a privateer captain who kept some treasure in a fort. A battle commenced. The pyrates beat the privateers by a massive scale, and took the coveted treasure aboard their ship. But just as they thought that they could share the treasure, the dying Lord Pyrate claims the treasure to be his and commands them to hide it. If they didn't do as he said, he would put a curse on them to last for all eternity. They didn't, however obey him, and a derrible curse fell upon them, all acept Blue Beard, who tried to warn them of the dangers of disobeying him. He escaped in a dinghy.

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