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 After the Privateers took over Pelegostos, plans were being made to turn the West Coast of the Island into a British Sea Port. Admiral Blue Beard had sent Provost Parel to build a Fort on the Island as well. Parel had all these plans about making a tower at the centre of the fortress. The construction work began almost immediately afterwoods.

For some reason, Provost Parel felt the need to build the tower quickly, the reason, he said, was to impress the Admiral with his punctual servise. But he blamed the builders of being slow and lazy. So he captured some of the natives who were on the Island and enslaved them, to make it faster to build. On hearing this, Captain Cutlass sent the Stormstalker to fight against the Privateers, and try and reclaim Pelegostos for a second time.

They attacked the Island and knocked down the tower and all the work they had done in the making of this Port. The Privateers were dramatically being defeated, and Parel retreated on a horse, abandoning his men. The Sea Marauders won the Battle and the slaves were free. The Marauders never returned to the Island, because, word had spread that the Treasure of the Lord of the Pyrates was allegedly in Treasure Island, so they never had time to visit again.

King Mabootu and his few men weren't strong enough to defend Pelegostos, and when the Canibal Tribe arrived at the West of the Island (the GabootoTterritory), the Gabootos escaped into canoes to an neighbouring Island. From then, the Canibals owned the entire of Pelegostos.

Admiral Blue beard eventaully found Parel. He was very ashamed when he heard what Parel did. However, there were more important things on the Admiral's mind, so he forgave him. But after the death of Blue beard and a new Admiral was elected, they chose Carbunckles over Parel, for he was now a disliked member of the Privateers. 

This is a made up story by Baginman.

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