Mega Bloks Pyrates Wiki


Note== The Swashbucklers are not a real crew just one made up for the purpose of Character Creator.


A group of 10 pyrates who never played an important part of the war for the treasure but are a try hard die hard group 

They have one Captain, Hookeye, a first mate, Darren Sharp-Blade. They do not have their own ship as it was sunk by Bluebeards Avenger when they ran into each other, heading towards Skull Haven. They do however have 3 rafts and two row boats. The biggest of the three rafts is called Hookeye's Behemoth.

The whole crew was eventually destroyed and the rafts sunk by the Marauders who sent a squad after them to avoid competition. The Swashbucklers were arch enemies with the Privateers, as the Privateers were the ones who blocked them out of Skull Haven and then from that the Treasure.

The weapons are the usuall for a group of Pyrates and a few odd ones:

Rifles, knifes, pistols, swords, a crossbow, a canonball on a stick and a really big whaling spear.

In order of rank the crew consists of:

Captain Hookeye

Darren Sharp-Blade

Quarter-Master Quinn

William Windward

Cameron Canonade

Bill Lubber

Larry Clamshell

Bowsprit Charlie

Arthur Maroon

Whaler Walken