the original smuggler's fort

Smuggler's Fort

Smuggler's Fort

Smugglers Fort is an old fort on the largest island of the Skull Haven. It was thought that this was where the treasure was but it wasnt here. It includes a salvaged lookout mast, a shark, a boat, a lever-activated trapdoor, some treasure, and a firing cannon.

This is another set that in one of the pictures, there is an error. Like those pictures on the back of instruction manuals, the ones that are of other sets. A few booklets show Blackteeth McBaine having a red shirt, instead of his actual brown, and the mast is actually taller, than portrayed.
Smuggler's Fort with errors

Smuggler's Fort with errors

Figures include:

Lockpick Cabot, a privateer with a brown pistol.

Maritrocious, a skeleton pirate with a skeleton spear.

Blackteeth McBaine, a Sea Marauder with a cutlass.


The 2011 rerelase is slightly smaller. It has a new design, but the overall concept is maintained.. Figures have the same names, but the shark has been replaced with a crocodile. Braggart T. Doyle now replaces Lockpick Cabot and his shirt is now blue. The instructions says that the fort is owned by the Sea Marauders but the flag on the set shows that its a Privateers place.
SAM 4513

Original Smuggler's Fort photo

Smuggler's Fort 2

Smuggler's Fort 2.0

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