Scrapadepth with a Skeleton Sword

The feared skeleton crew uses a distinctive gauntlet of 4 different weapons. These tools seem to, in place of blades, have a strange blue aura engulfing the missing section. This aura is probably of the same energy as the material that composes most of The Phantom's hull. However, most skeletons seem to have at least one pistol stuck in their trousers. In the promotional video, a skeleton is seen using a crossbow, along with Captain Brine.


The sword is, although tattered, and beaten, the most graceful weapon. It is mostly used by higher ranking crew members, such as Dread Eye.


Sickles, (sometimes known as scythes or pointy axes) are used by honoured, or skilled fighters. The first mates and quartermaster may use these.


As rather brutish instruments, axes are mostly preferred by the muscle of the crew


Spears are typically given to underlings with little combat experience. Their impressive size gives an advantage to the wielder, because they can be used to fight foes from a fair distance. The spear is unique, being the only skeleton weapon without any indication of a handle. It is also made of more of the mysterious substance than any of the other weapons. this may mean that it is also lightweight. Due to the lack of a handle, it is unknown if the spear can only be held by a skeleton, or if a handle is irrelevant, and the weapon's substance is solid.

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