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Skeleton Crew Insignia

The Skeleton Crew is the most feared crew in the sea. They are cursed crew members from the Lord Pyrate. They desire the Lord Pyrate's wealth more than any other crew.

Formerly humans, they were cursed by disobeying their captain's final demand: To not touch the treasure.

The foolish, greedy pirates, despite being warned, claimed the treasure, and upon touching it, the curse took effect. They became skeletons and built their ship, The Phantom, with the ribcage of a whale and held it together with the membrane. The hull is constructed of what could possibly be driftwood. The hull keeps integrity with a blue aura, likely composed of lost souls.

The skeletons from the original Pyrate series had a monotone coat of paint, cuating them to look bleached, but the 2.0s appear to have a more detailed paint-style, with light and dark brown tones, making them appear to have flesh-stained bones.

The crew uses only a few weapons, which are specially designed for the skeletons. The skeleton sword, skeleton spear, skeleton axe, and skeleton asthetic axe are the only known skeleton weapons. The original's weapons had a grey frame with a strange blue blade. The new ones are very similar, but the blue is lighter and slightly more transparent.

Their captain was originally Dread Eye, but after he was kidnapped by Cutlass, Shoveltooth arrogantly took over. Dread Eye got revenge on Shoveltooth, throwing them both down the Phantom's hull and blowing it up.

The entire crew died in the end, except Brine, Scrapedepth, Morose and Nautilasher.

The Skeleton Crew
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