Shoveltooth on the phantom

Shoveltooth on the Phantom





Skeleton Crew

Hair Color

Black (human) None (skeleton)


Dread Eye's Phantom


Hitman (before) First Mate (pirate/skeleton)



Human name

Ben (possibly from Benjamin)

Shoveltooth is part of Dread Eye's Crew. He wears a tricorne hat similar to Dread Eye's and Morose's one. In fact, he shares a mold with Morose, with only colors being changed. He is a very presumptuous and violent pirate who used to make a living killing people for money. He was Dread eye's first mate, until the captain was kidnapped by Cutlass and the Sea Marauders. Then Shoveltooth took over as captain of the Skeleton Crew. Shoveltooth was killed when Keelhaul Jettyport them crosses them with his spear and both fall into Phantom's Hull, causing the ship to blow. In 2.0 remakes, his hat is dark red, not brown.


-"The Marouders are running away, should we chase them?" -Shoveltooth after the Black Sea Battle.

-"He thinks he's the big one" -Noricorpse about Shoveltooth-

-"Dread Eye has been kidnapped by the Marauders, but we are not going to rescue him since they have surely tortured and murdered him, rest in peace. From now on I will be the captain of the Phantom and whoever has a complaint will see them with my ax" -Shoveltooth after Dread Eye's kidnapping-

-"You can't stop me, oldman" -Shoveltooth fighting against Dread Eye, also his last words-

Set: Dread Eye's Phantom

Weapon: Skeleton axe

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