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A large fish that comes in many sets. A giant shark comes in Shark Escape and Treasure Trove.

An example of the Shark This one is from Mutiny Isle

A gray shark appears in Mutiny Isle, nothing much about this shark. (well at least the shark got a small appearance in the Command the crew, rule the seas movie).

Smuggler's fort Shark, planning to eat Blackteeth McBaine

A blue Shark appears in Smuggler's fort, later on Smuggler's fort 2.0 the Blue shark got replaced by a crocodile (unbelievable ain't it).

Black Shark wants to eat Scabby

A black Shark appears in the Battle for Treasure island, of course Sharks have black eyes, this one has blue instead of black (and it's indeed the best looking shark, besides the one of Shark escape)

Shark preparing to swallow Oliver alive

Last, but not least it's the Shark from Shark Escape, he has a spot where the harpoon can be stab to the shark and he has a jaw that can open and close (since the other sharks only have the mouth open).


This is indeed the best shark Mega


bloks made.