Shark Escape

The instructions say that the two Pyrates included built a raft out of broken pieces of the Stormstalker, and sailed away.

It includes a giant shark, an interesting monkey, golden sword, a break-apart feature, and a firing harpoon gun.

There are two halves of the raft you slide together, and then you secure them together with another piece. without that piece, it looks like a shark took a bite out of the raft. The sail also, are supposedly the remains of the sail on the Stormstalker, however this sail has a Marauder symbol on it and the one on the ship doesn't. Includes two marauders, Jonathan Juryrig and Oliver Lugsail. One has a spear and one has a sword.

The set show how the survivors from the unnamed Marauder's ship try to escape from an island after the shipwreck. But the sea have something prepared for these unlucky pyrates, the attack of the legendary giant shark.

The shark is no specific species, but compared to the pyrates, it’s big enough to be a Megalodon, which was a massive prehistoric shark that grew up to 75 feet.


Cover from the instructions

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