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A group of  pirates, the Sea Marauders were lead by Captain Cutlass. The Buccaneers used to be part of this group before they mutinied.

The group had three captains: Cutlass, Sabrehook and Quell. There are two ships: The Stormstalker and the other unnamed ship. Quell was the founder of the Sea Marauders, and captained the unnamed ship, until he was mutinied against by Sabrehook and marooned, along with Hully o' Brien. They were later rescued by a fishing boat.

Sabrehook captained the unnamed Sea Marauder vessel, and his arrogance went overboard at the start of the war for the treasure, when he challenged Dread Eye's Phantom. His crew lost miserably, and Sabrehook was killed when Dread Eye sent him through the ship's hull.

Cutlass is the most famous of the captains, and he captained the Stormstalker, with first mates Blackteeth McBaine and Nicholas Nautilis.

Weapons have quite a variety, they are:

Brown rifles, big spears, not-so-big spears, cutlasses, brown pistols, black pistols, a black rifle, crossbows, and knifes.

Aggressive mariners set out to capture the

LORD PYRATE’s treasure. As predators of the

ocean, their vessels are crude but crafty and highly

maneuverable. These hunters and pillagers are true

PYRATES, always looking to capture other ships and

claim strategic locations like SMUGGLER’S FORT. They

will stop at nothing to fight the terrorizing SKELETON

CREW and outwit the imperial PRIVATEERS. It is said that the

famous hunting ship STORMSTALKER houses a machine –

one that can “heal” cursed sailors…

The Sea Marauders took a third of the Lord Pyrate's treasure in the end, and Cutlass saw to it that Ramshackle was dropped off on Treasure Island, as requested.

-Select few instruction booklets

Crew consists of:

Captain Cutlass

Captain Sabrehook

Captain Quell

Nicholas Nautilis

Blackteeth McBaine

Marcus Mutiny

Jonathan Juryrig

Murk Mariner

Rom Ramshackle

Scotty Spitshine

Hull Gruffrey

Hully o' Brien

Vincent Vanjammer

Shifty Merchant

Lucky Lootsgood

Schooner Lavoie

Cutthroat Craven

Brigadoon Blackburn

Nestor o' Loch

Keelhaul Jettyport

Oliver Lugsail

Musket Monroe

Pascal Scallywag

Topmast Tremblay

Tom Blackforest

Count Sabastian Petrov

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