Battle for the Lord Pyrate's Treasure Edit


Scrapedepth with a Skeleton Sword

Scrapedepth is a Skeleton pirate from the Skeleton crew




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A skilled fighter, he was well-liked by Captain Dread Eye himself, and his friend Shoveltooth. He was the lone skeleton to hold onto his human weapon when the Lord Pyrate's ship tipped, and as a result he is the only member of the crew that uses both a skeleton sword and a human sword.

It is believed that he is first skeleton seen in the mini movie of Pyrates: Command the crew, rule the seas. He is one of the only members of the Skeleton Crew, aside from King Midas, to have a known human name: Silvermane. He was the best swordsman in the battle for the treasure, and he had a short run as first mate when Shoveltooth was Captain. He is known to be the most polite of the skeletons, but will murder no different.

Scrapedepth was one of the three skeletons, along with Morose and Nautilasher, who escaped the Phantom before it exploded.

Set: Munity Isle

The Treasure of PerditionEdit

Scrapedepth reappers in the Treasure of Perdition after he had escaped captivity from Scathe with Morose and Nautilasher. He took command of those two and basically formed a small fighting fleet. They never allied themselves with the undead armada, though they like the idea of it. Ghoulugger often appeared to Scrapedepth and showed him the way, he acted as his guide. Scrapedepth would once again find himself hunting for treasure and would form an unlikely alliance with a Buccaneer gang not under Scathe's control. To be continued...

By - Captain Dread

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