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Scabby Buckbeard





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Admiral (after Bluebeard's death)



Cause of death

Stabbed by Keelhaul Jettyport and eaten by a giant octopus

Sir Scabbard "Scabby" Buckbeard, was an English Commodore and admiral and a secondary antagonist in the Pyrates storyline.

In "The Origin" it is revealed that he was the one who recommended Bluebeard to the king. Thanks to Scabby, Bluebeard was promoted to admiral very quickly.

From "The Legend of the Lord of the Pirates" to "The Redemption of the Privateers", he is the second in command on the Avenger ship, due to his position as Commodore.

Scabby was always shown as the "second son" of the Privateers, even coming to despise Bluebeard little by little and regret having recommended him to the king. After the death of Bluebeard at the hands of Captain Dread Eye, he proclaims himself an admiral and guides the Privateers to Pyrates' Cove to try to conquer it, failing in the attempt and being stabbed by Keelhaul Jettyport and later being eaten by a giant octopus, dying. His position was relieved to Carl Carbunkles, who shortly after decides to relieve it to Dagger Tremaine, since the latter was considered too old for such a feat.

Notably, during his short time as admiral, he promoted Dagger to Commodore.

Scabby is Caucasian, wears his default red coat, is bald, and has a black beard.