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Lost Fortune

Lost Fortune in the barrel

Pyrates Lost Fortune (Lost Fortune for short) is an island far to the west of where all of the Pyrates are and is home to Razorscales, two Castaways, one Sea Maraduer, two Buccaneers and the Lord Pyrates treasure. It is a volcanic and jungle island.

Includes giant crab-like creature, barrel full of goo/quicksand, fort/prison, boat, and much more! Also comes in a conveniant storage barrel.

Definitely the coolest set, next to Battle for Treasure Island.

Figures: Lucky Lootsgood, a Sea Marauder with two daggers. Horatio Highseas, a Buccaneer with sword. Skipper Stegengh, Another Buccaneer with a cutlass. Louwala Clough, a castaway with a spear. Skell, another castaway with a spear.

Despite all the characters in the set, all of them were dead before the story actually came to Lost Fortune.

Lost fortune open

Lost Fortune

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The sets Razorscales, Trophy Traitors, and Crew Collection would look good with this set.

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