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Bartholomew Jackson being shot and killed

The Sea Marauders weren’t the only ones dealing with mutiny. The Privateers, at their Lighthouse, while waiting for their new ship to arrive, were turned on by three men calling themselves the Triumvirate Treason gang. Tired of Carbunkles’s leadership, the leader, Charlie Carruthers, tried to kill Carbunkles in his sleep. Carruthers’s plan was foiled in the end, however, by Dawson Doubloon and Scabby Buckbeard. The other two members, Bartholomew Jackson and Stevedore Springfield, were outmatched greatly. Jackson was killed with a bunch of gunshot wounds, and Springfield was locked up.

Carbunkles managed to cut off Carruthers’s hand, but Carruthers escaped to his secret boss, Provost Parel. Parel had organized this to take out Carbunkles, so he himself could be in command, like he believed he deserved. Parel, frustrated with Carruthers, killed him on the spot by beheading him. Parel received praise from Carbunkles for taking out the orchestrator, but that was all. Their ship arrived an hour later. Ironically, the Triumvirate Treason members were the three that the Privateers were going to send out to Lost Fortune, which they had heard about from a slab on the wall of the Lighthouse.


The skeleton crew even had their very first mutineer, when a crewman named Brine turned on them. Seadaemon and Hatchetfoot tried to stop him, but Brine pushed them down the ship’s hull, killing them both. Brine jumped overboard, and swam around, hoping for anyone to find him. Sure enough, Scathe and the Buccaneers picked him up, and when they heard of what he had done, he was named second-in-command, with a “Captain” title. Brine told them where the treasure was located, on Lost Fortune, and the Buccaneers set on their way.

Brine killing Seadaemon


The skeleton crew arrived on Lost Fortune, and easily killed the two castaways. Dread Eye stayed on the ship with Ramshackle while the first mate, Shoveltooth, led the search.

After a long fight between the Skeletons, the Sea Marauders, the Mutineers and the Buccaneers, the mutineers were all killed except Murk Mariner, and the Buccaneers escaped with the treasure.

The four Marauders barely escaped back to their boat, and found Murk Mariner along the way. They agreed to give him a ride back to the ship, and they left. On the ship, Cutlass granted him clemency, something you rarely see from him, and Mariner was allowed on the crew again, as long as he never spoke unless spoken to. Mariner agreed to his terms. Cutlass had a sudden idea. Instead of pursuing the Buccaneers, he instead chose to pick up two of his old friends: Captain Quell and Hully O’ Brien.