Pyrates Cove

Pyrates Cove

A cove near Shark Escape, the Isle Of No Return, and Coffer Trap.

This is definately in the top three sets in the book. It has an all-time high count of minifigures, (besides the crew collection) 6. It has a firing cannon, (Actually its a harpoon gun.) a skeleton attack boat, the second of 3 marauder captains, an octopus, a convenient tin box for storage, a monkey, a parrot, a trapdoor, some treasure, a bonfire, and two trees.

Figures include:

Captain Sabrehook, one of three Marauder captains with a cutlass.

Silverback Surrez, a black privateer with a cutlass. (One of only two blacks in the entire lot of 84 figures created, even though the box shows he is white.)

Cutthroat Craven, a Sea Marauder with a pistol. 

Keelhaul Jettyport, another marauder with a black spear.

Rattlebones, a skeleton with a skeleton sword.

Fear Kreeper, another skeleton with a skeleton pointy ax.

Pyrates cove box back

A better picture of its contents.

This set definately gets a 10/10 from me.

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