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A group of Pyrates that was commanded by the British. They were operating under a letter of Marque, which employs any pirate in the king's navy if signed by the king. The Privateers leader was Blue Beard before he became Ghoulugger. Then it became Carbunkles.

Their official ship was the Avenger, but it was never released. Bummer.

Weapons don't have that much of a variety. Brown rifles, brown pistols, black pistols, crossbows, knifes and cutlasses is it.

Clothes are mostly their traditional red jacket, and a few had blueish jackets, and two had a differnt red top, (including Blue Beard) but with the 2.0 sets out now, Dawson now has a green jacket and Lockpick has a solid blue jacket.

Privateers are usually the ones to attack the skelatons, with one or two exceptions, such as Pascal Scallywag (a marauder) in Coastal Raid.

They only had four people ever turn on them: Provost Parel, Charlie Carruthers, Bartholomew Jackson and Stevedore Springfield.

At the end of the war, seven Privateers remained: Carl Carbunkles, Scabby Buckbeard, Finn Hookswell, Dawson Doubloon, Burt Bounty, Diggers Johansson and Lockpick Cabot.

The Privateers took a third of the Lord Pyrate's treasure in the end, and the remaining were rewarded by the King.


Admiral Blue Beard

Carl Carbunkles

Provost Parrel

Scabby Buckbeard

Theodore Twosails

Charlie Carruthers

Lockpick Cabot

Dawson Doubloon

Diggers Johansen

Bartholomew Jackson

Stevedore Springfield

Finn Hookswell

Burt Bounty

Silverback Suarez

Jib Hornswaggler

Anchor Kreegman

Spar Foreman

Braggart T. Doyle (or Braggart T. Jones)

Dagger Tremaine

Blackboots Burton

Philias Plank

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