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Pelegostos was made famous by Captain Jack Sparrow's encounter in Pirates of the Caribbean and the Dead Man's Chest.

Originally, there were two rival tribes on the island, the Canibals and the Gabooto, which was led by King Mabootu. Endless wars between the two sides over land had no signs of finishing. Until Skelletons arrived. They killed half of the Canibals, whilst the other half of the Canibals, who weren't killed, retreated to the east of the island. Meanwhile, the Skelletons enslaved the Gabooto Tribe.

Captain Cuttlass led a battle against the Skelletons and won. But Dreadeye was ready to get his revenge on the Marauders. Admiral Scathe and the Buccaneers offered to help the Skelletons get the island back (secretly, he wanted the island for himself). Eventualy, though, Cuttlass found out about their plans, and so did the Privateers, after hearing from Matthew Gallows, a Missionary who studied the island. 

A Massive Battle took place between the four crews. Dreadeye sent some of his Skelletons and all the Buccaneers on board thePredator, the Privateers took the Avenger to the island, and the Marauders were already on the island. The Avenger and the Predator were both damaged. The Avenger took the worst beating and retreated. The Predator was damaged again, this time by the Stormstalker. Then, Scathe retreated. When he told Dreadeye, the Skelletons saw no use keeping their alliance and betrayed the Predator. Meanwhile, the Maruaders still had the island, and lived peacefully with the Gabootos.

This is a work of fiction made by up Baginman

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