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Nicholas Nautilis




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Alive (Know Story) Deceased (Original Story)

"C-Captain! It's a ghostly ship!" -Nicholas announcing the Phantom's arrival.

Nicholas Nautilis is a Sea Marauder with a Black Pistol and he appears in the Captain Cutlass Stormstalker set. He is African-American

He is Captain Cutlass' second in command, alongside Blackteeth McBaine. He became the true first mate when McBaine was killed. He later refused to take part in the second Sea Marauders mutiny.

He seems to be more vicious than the captain himself. His hard, take no prisoners attitude gives him a dangerous reputation. Ten years later, he and Murk Mariner discovered that two skeletons are alive .

Ten years after the Marauders got the treasure of the Lord Pirate , Hautilis start to have a whate beard because of age, giving him a look similar to that of the privateer Silverback Surrez.

He dresses a vanilla shirt, a black belt, indigo pants and black boots. Wears an earring on the left ear.

He makes several appearances in the promotional movie. First, debuting with Cutlass near the helm of the Stormstalker. He is part of the crew that participates in the battle of Pyrate's Cove, where he is shot in the leg by Dawson Doubloon, however, he is helped by Cutthroat Craven and both kill Dawson. Then, he appears inspecting Mutiny Isle, next to Murk Mariner. Then, tackle Smuggler's Fort and help Musket Monroe to pull Barnaclops through a trapdoor. He, along with Murk and Cutthroat, announces the attack of the Phantom. Lately he is seen in the Final Battle for the Treasure at Smuggler's Fort, being killed by Vertibrine, who throws an arrow in the chest with a crossbow.

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