Mutiny Isle

Mutiny Isle in the box.

This is a skull island located in Skull Haven owned by the Privateers

A very nice island, it includes a palm tree, a shark, a dock, a firing cannon, and a couple of rocks.

Figures included:

Dawson Doubloon, a privateer with a brown rifle.

Anchor Kreegman, another privateer with a brown pistol.

Scrapadepth, a skelaton with a skelaton-blue sword.

This makes a great first skull set, or even a great first set. It has a creature, and is quite common.

I give 9/10, for that nasty bump on Anchor's head. (ouch!)


In 2011, MB released a select few sets with a design difference from the originals. This one is one of the best. (not saying much) Changes include but are not limited to: Dawson in a green jacket, a different color skull, a new little dock system, and no Anchor.

Gets a 6/10 from me.
Mutiny isle 2

Mutiny Isle 2.0

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