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Musket Monroe




Sea Marauders

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Quentin "Musket" Monroe is a Sea Marauder. Born on Treasure Island, he is one of the youngest members of the crew along with Pascal Scallywag. During his childhood he met Pascal and both became friends. But during adolescence, wealth and happiness were made with Musket's family while Pascal's family went bankrupt. Pascal began to feel jealous indirectly of Musket for this.

When the Sea Marauders arrived at Treasure Island, they recruited him, but before that he offered them to Pascal, who reluctantly agreed. During the Black Sea Battle, Pascal got fed up, since the Marauders paid more attention to Musket than to him, and what was jealousy turned into hatred. As he had spent the powder of his pistol in the battle against the Skeletons, he tries to stab Musket but he knocks him down with kicks. Already up, Pascal tries to stab him again, but, from the Phantom, Brine throws an arrow and dies, but not before apologizing to Musket. A very inconic death, after that of Blackteeth.

When the Marauders returned to Treasure Island, Murk Mariner and Musket boarded it. By surprise, Musket is shot in the arm. Murk helps him and they discover that the shot came from Admiral Blue Beard. Both escape together with a golden telescope.

When the Marauders rescue Admiral Scathe and Captain Brine, Musket recognizes the aggressor of his "friend" (Brine) and tries to stand up to him. This is revealed as Brian Monroe, the lost father of Musket. Both apologize and finally forge their father-and-son friendship.

Interestingly, Musket mentions the name of his now deceased mother, Marilyn. If we put the surname of Musket together with the name of its name, we will Marilyn Monroe, name of a famous actress of the 40's, 50's and 60's. Coincidence? I don't think so! Maybe it's just a easter egg from Mega Bloks.