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Matthew Gallows was


a Missionary who was sent to the island of Pelegostos, to preach to the natives of the island.

He was captured by the Sea Marauders when they claimed the island after the Battle for Pelegostos. They were going to throw him off their ship, but then he offered to help them. The Privateers didn't know that the Marauders owned the island, because when they took part in the battle, the Avenger was badly damaged by a batch of Skelletons who owned the island before the Marauders.  Admiral Bluebeard ordered to flee.

Captain Cuttlass knew that after a short amount of time, the Privateers would try to come back. So, they waited for them to return, and at the first sign of Privateers, Matthew Gallows hid the pyrates and told the Privateers that;

"Both Crews failed to take the island, when the British Navy arrived and ordered to fight to the death. They won. The Skelletons fled and the Sea Marauders were imported to a prison. The Navy found no need to destroy the Stormstalker, instead, they have taken it for themselves. Leave it to them, now, the island is greatly gaurded."

They believed him, and for saving his crew, Captain Cuttlass offered him to join the crew, Gallows refused, but said that he would not tell the Privateers the truth as long as he was allowed to keep doing his Missionary work on the island.

However, the secret couldn't always be kept secure. The Privateer Provost Parel, found out the truth. After that the Privateers attacked the island, arrested Gallows and claimed Pelegostos for themselves. The Marauders fled.

Matthew Gallows




Church Of England

Hair Colour





Missionary/ Priest



Made up by Baginman

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