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Not much is known about Marty Makofish before the Treasure of Perdition came around. He was a brutish, bald-headed pirate who wore a red shirt with blue pants. All that is known of his past is that he was a former agent for the E.I.T.C. but felt the murder of millions of pirates was in-humane. He ran off to join the Buccaneers, they rejected him and threatened to kill him because of his past affiliation. He then sailed to Tortuga looking for any captain who might take him on, he found Cutlass. Cutlass to a liking to the old salt, mainly because he betrayed the E.I.T.C. and the Buccaneers hated him. He soon become second-mate on the Stormstalker, but was unprepared for the news of a new hunt just around the corner. He did not partake in the battle for the Lord Pyrate's treasure.

The Treasure of Perdition[]

Since Marty was previously the second mate of Cutlass, and Nautilis resigned while the crew was in Tortuga, Marty became Gurffery's first mate. He was very cautious about accepting the position but in the end, accepted it. He, like most of the crew, survived the wreck of the Stormstalker, and sailed with Gruffery, keeping the crew calm and collected among the chaos. He was successful at his job as first mate, but even he was unprepared to meet one of the most infamous Buccaneer captains of all time. To be continued...

Character Created By - Captain Dread