Maroon Gally

Maroon Gally in the box.

Maroon gally is an island in Skull Haven owned by the skelaton crew

Includes a boat, a firing cannon, a dock for the boat, and, well, not much else.

Figures include:

Sublurker, a skelaton with a skelaton unpointy ax.

Noricorpse, another skelaton with a skelaton spear.

and Braggart T. Doyle, a privateer with a knife.

Braggart has two last names, believe it or not! The instructions say Braggart T. Doyle, and the other papers with everybody's names says that it's Braggart T. Jones!

I give 7/10, this is probably the most boring skull set out there.

Maroon gally open

Maroon Gally


In 2011, MB re-released a few sets with differences. This one gets the award for the least changed. The original was boring, this one isn't any better or worse. Although number of figures has become less, they have increased pcs number.

Maroon gally 2

Maroon Gally 2.0

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