The Lost Souls

Lost Souls: Destreader,Howlinger, Vestige and Ghoulugger


The Lost Souls Invasion Set

The Lost Souls are a group of ghosts that had a temporary alliance with the Skeleton Crew. They worked with the Skeleton Crew until the battle at the Privateers' Lighthouse, when they betrayed them. They were all destroyed by the light from the lighthouse. They were made from the life force of the victims of Dread Eye's Phantom. A design flaw of the figures is their tendency to break. The figures are formed in the same mold as the figure that they are the ghost of, but the plastic is poor. The poor plastic was likely a result of the translucent plastic being too costly. It can be assumed that the fees of the plastic caused a decision to use cheaper materials than what they already had been using.
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The Isle of no Return set

The lost souls were included in Lost Souls Invasion, Isle of No Return, and Plunderer's Port.






Physical Persona ConjectureEdit

Ghoulugger is Blue Beard's ghost.

Vestige is Nestor o' Loch's ghost.

Destreader is the ghost of an unknown Privateer (possibly Bartholomew Jackson)

Howlinger is the ghost of Captain Sabrehook.

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