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 Lord Howard Hewitt was a governor of the East India Trading Company and owned, among many others, the ship the Valiant.

His Life[]

Lord Hewitt first met his foe, Captain Cutlass, when one of his ships was raided, carrying slaves, who were to be deported to Jamaica. They freed the slaves. They all left apart from one, who was known as Nicholas Nautilus. He decided to become a member of their crew. Hewitt was thrown over board, but was later saved by a nearby Naval Ship.                                                         

He formed an alliance with the Privateers, to try and take down the pyrates for good, but was killed along with nearly his entire crew, when the kraken swallowed the Valiant whole. Davy Jones had sent the Kraken to eliminate them after one of the crew members, Edward Shaw failed to repay a debt he made with him thirteen years before.


Made up by Baginman.