Keelhaul Jettyport

Keelhaul Jettyport




Sea Marauders

Hair Color

Orange brown




  • Watchman (formerly)
  • Sniper (formerly)
  • Captain




  • Spear
  • Gun
  • Cutlass

Keelhaul Jettyport "Jet" Cutlass (later Captain Keelhaul Jettyport) is a Sea Marauder, son of Cutlass and current captain of the Stormstalker.

Born in Pyrate's Cove, during his childhood, he wanted to be a sailor, then young Cutlass taught him how to be and included him in his crew at 17 years.

He became a good friend of Murk Mariner.

When the Sea Marauders docked at Treasure Island in search of new crew members, they recruit Musket Monroe and Pascal Scallywag. He became very close to Musket.

He lamented the death of Blackteeth as much as Cutlass.

Feel a hatred for Dread Eye and the Skeletons in general.

He participated in the planning of the Dread Eye kidnapping.

In the Final Battle for the Treasure, he approaches the Phantom with the intention of ending Dread Eye. Keelhaul spots this one fighting against Shoveltooth, and finally killing him and throwing him by the Hull. In the great battle, Keelhaul stabs Dread Eye in his heart, causing it to fall to Hull. The Phantom blow and the Marauders think that Keelhaul has died and become sad. Subsequently, Keelhaul approaches the Stormstalker surprising its crew and in the end celebrating having obtained the treasure and having finished with the Skeleton Crew.

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