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Jonathan Juryrig

Battle for the Lord Pyrate's Fortune[]

Jonathan Juryrig




Sea Marauders

Hair Color



Unnamed (former)/ Stormstalker (present)


Cook (present)


Alive/ Unknown (Treasure of Perdition)

Jonathan Juryrig is a Sea Marauder with a Harpoon and he appears in the Shark Escape set along with Oliver Lugsail.                        

Originally a member of Captain Quell's crew, he was lost at sea (along with Oliver Lugsail) and ended up on an island for one whole year surviving on fish, water from a spring, and fruit.

He and Lugsail built a raft out of drift wood and broken parts of the Stormstalker that had broken off. He was eventually rescued by the Sea Marauders.

He was allegedly the head cook of the Sea Marauders.

He lost his left hand in a battle against the Skeleton Crew and never was quite the same person afterwards.

He shares the same model as Breggart.T.Doyle, Lockpit Cabot, Silverbuck Surrez and Scabby Buckbeard.

Juryrig refused to take part in the second Sea Marauders mutiny and survived through the battle with the Phantom.

The Treasure of Peridtion[]

Johnathan Juryrig is only mentioned in the plot by Soctty Spitshine and his final fate after the squall is unknown as we are told there were other survivors that weren't with Guffrey.

By - Captain Dread