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 A Carib Tribe from the island of Pelegostos, not to be confused with the Cannibal Tribe, who also lived there.


For as long as man has inhabatted the remote island of Pelegostos, the Gabootos had always fought over land against the Cannibal Tribe. Many of the Gabootos were killed off by their rivals, they're even thought to have been eaten by them. The leaders of the Gabootos were against cannibalism, especially King Mabootu, the last King of the tribe.

Their most successful battle was when they drove off the Cannibals to the east of the island, and claimed the west of Pelegostos for themselves. But, only 6 months later, the Skeletons had discovered the island and easily won that half of the island over, and killed all of the Gabootos, all apart from 16 members, including the King, who surrendered. Those servivers were victims of the Skeleton Slave Trade. Until, the island was invaded by the Lost Souls. Then, the tribe was free again. As this was before the Lost Souls joined sides with the Skeletons, they were still allies of the Sea Marauders and at peace with the Privateers.The Privateers sent Missionaries to the island to convert the Gabootos. From then on, the Gabootos were Christian.

Apart from that, they continued to live as they did before, even when the Sea Marauders lived there.

When the Privateers invaded Pelegostos, and became enemies with the Lost Souls, they enslaved the Gabootos. Then, the Sea Marauders drove off the Privateers and gave the island back to the natives.

But then, the Cannibals fought against the Gabootos again, and they retreated to an neighbouring island.

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