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A Commodore who served in the East India Trading Company under Lord Howard Hewitt on board the Valiant. Famous for his speaking problems because of his lisp.

Early Life[]

As a Leuitenant, he was the only surviving victim of Davy Jones, when the ship he was on clashed with the Flying Dutchman.

He made a deal with Davy Jones, that if he let him go, he would return to him within 13 years, to join his crew.


Once the 13 years had passed, Shaw was warned to repay the debt, but he had a plan in mind. He told Davy Jones that if he led Lord Hewitt and his men into a trap,  he could make them join his crew instead, so that Shaw could go free, and the debt would be payed.

Shaw captured Hewitt in secret, and kept him in his cabin. To his crew, he claimed that he was ill and that he had had to take comand. Secretly, he was leading his men into a trap.

When he returned to Davy Jones, with the men as planned, Shaw was suprised to see that he was tricked. Jones' plan was to keep him as a member of his crew anyway. On hearing his plan Shaw and Lord Hewitt's men fought back against Davy Jones and his crew. It was hopeless, so Shaw and the others retreated to their ship. But then Davy Jones set the Kraken on them, destroying their ship and killing them all, apart from Admiral Barnsley.

Made up by Baginman.