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Dread Eye is the leader of the skeleton crew and Captain of the Phantom. His crew holds 22 skeletons in total. He is considered to be the most feared being on the seas. He was placed under the curse of the Lord Pyrate and turned into a skeleton like the other crew members. When he was human, Dread Eye was the lord Pyrate's first mate and led the decision to betray him and steal his treasure.

The most dressed skeleton, he is also the only skeleton with a unique head. All the other skeletons share a head mold with a few other skeletons, he has a hook and peg leg unlike any other skeleton. Dread Eye has only ever been fairly defeated in combat by two people. a sea marauder who ran dread eye through with his sword, only to watch the skeleton captain laugh at him before using his hook to end the marauder's life, and Admiral Bluebeard, who disarmed and cut Dread Eye across his chest before being kicked into the Phantom's mouth and dying himself.

While attacking Fort Defiance to claim the treasure, Cutlass kidnapped him. Shoveltooth the first mate, instead of choosing to rescue Dread Eye, took over as captain and took the treasure instead. Furious, Dread Eye formed an alliance with Cutlass, Scathe and Carbunkles. In the final battle for the treasure, Dread Eye pulled Shoveltooth down the Phantom's hull and caused the ship to explode.

In 2.0, he stays the same, except his pants are now green instead of grey. Also, on the back of the box, it says Captain Dreadeyes. This may well be a typo, as the front says Captian Dreadeye's Phantom where as it would be Captain Dreadeyes' Phantom if his name was in fact, Captain Dreadeyes.
Dread eye on the phantom

Dread Eye on the Phantom

Dread Eye

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