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Darren Sharp-blade is a Swashbuckler, with a knife, that comes with the Canonade Cliff set.

Sharpblade's father always told stories of treasure and adventure on the high seas, so she planned to disguise as a boy to join the royal navy, untill the navy burnt her house down and captured and killed her father. she vowed revenge and took to the life of a pirate.

Sharpblade is a ruthless, agressive and resourceful member of the swashbucklers and quickly rose to her current position of first mate onboard the Behemoth, she has a ongoing fight with Alek Axehand to settle.

In the battle of Bloodbath Bay, Sharpblade killed Wavecrest Wilson and threw his body aside then she started to advance towards Alek Axehand, knife drawn, when Captain Twosails kicked her from behind, sending her plummeting into the icy waters below, to be attacked and killed by the octopus that lurked there.

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