Sabastian Petrov was a Hungarian Count, who took part in the Occupation of Romania in the 1720s/30s, against the Ottomans.

In 1728, the Hungarians won a battle against the Ottomans, over 256 acres of land. On this land was a long abandoned Castle. After the battle, Sabastian Petrov bought the land, restored the old castle, and named it Petrov Castle, after himself. Five years later, Skeletons attacked the Castle and started to follow a route to the dungens, into a forgotten tunnel . Petrov demanded to know what was going on. That is where he met, for the first time, a terrifying Dreadeye, who he belived, was a masked Ottoman. Dreadeye explained to him;

"We are taking the Staff of Light, which you've been hiding from us for years."

Petrov didn't know what he was on about, because what the Skeletons were aftter was buried by Lord Pyrate long before Petrov arrived at the Castle. The Skeletons left, destroying the Castle wall and marched off. Petrov's men helped him eacape to the nearest Hungarian ruled village. But the following morning, Petrov announced to his followers that he was crossing the border to the Ottoman Occupied part of Romania, to follow the Skeletons, for he was curious to find out about the Staff of Light. So, that following morning, he was smuggled over the border. Then, he bumped into the Sea Marauders and asked them if they knew of the Skeleton Crew. They told him of how they followed them to Romania. That is when he asked them if he could join their crew, so that he could try and return the Staff. They agreed. They past the Bosphorus and into the sea of Marmara, which lead to the Mediterranean Sea, then the Atlantic, where they returned to the Caribbean.

He tried to get the Staff of Light back, but died trying, at the Lighthouse Sea Battle.

Made up by Baginman.

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