Mega Bloks Pyrates Wiki

Character Creator is a thing for stimulating imagination. Basicaly you create your own charcter from other pieces and come up with a name and story, and a picture of him. He can be on any crew but please only link it to here not the actuall crew to avoid confusion. You have fun and figure out if he lives or dies. You can even add your own sets with your own characters on them. You make it all up (within reason) and help expand the world of Pyrates. (if you make a charcter please add his name in a link to the page and same if you make a set.

The Character Creator Crew goes as follows:

Matthew Gallows

Godrick Gallows

Darren Sharp-Blade

Count Sabastian Petrov

Julian Defoe

Captain Pegleg

Wu Ling

Tia Dalma/Calypso

Sinister Samuel

Bloodthirsty dusty & Conrad Jones

The Character Creator Sets goes as follows: 

also could someone please message me on how you make the information table for the characters.

-nicholas nautilis