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Vincent, one of three castaways now rescued.

Mega Bloks issued three figures known as the castaways, two with Lost Fortune and one with the crew collection. Vincent Vanjammer, the one that comes with the Crew Collection, was "rescued," but keeps his marooned identity.

I quote: "Former castaway now rescued, he keeps his marooned identity."

That came from the crew collection, not made up.

The other two look almost the same, but I'm pretty sure they are more blue though. one comes with a spear like the skeleton ones, and the other has a different kind of spear, also in a PotC set, the Pelegostas Escape. Vincent has, if you can't make out the photo, a rare ax, used also by Gary Gangrene, a buccaneer.

And when the other articles say "84 figures," the two castways with Lost Fortune are not included. Vincent is, though.

The other two are named Louwala Clough and Skell.