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Carl Carbunkles





Hair Color





  • First Mate (Formerly)
  • Captain




  • Sword (Favorite weapon)
  • Gun (trying to kill Dread Eye)

Carl Carbunkles is a Privateer with a Cutlass and comes with the Privateers' Lighthouse.

During the battle of the Privateers against the Skeletons, he approaches the Phantom after the sinking of the Avenger, in order to avenge Blue Beard. He enters Dread Eye's chambers and points his gun at him, but then the Dread Eye tells him the truth about Blue Beard, causing Carl to retreat and throw himself into the sea, then boarding the lifeboats of the destroyed Avenger.

At the battle of the lighthouse, Carl was the Privateer who got to the light at the top of the lighthouse, and used it to destroy the Lost Souls and scare away the Leviathan, winning the battle for the Privateers.

He was the first mate for the Privateers with Provost Parel, until Admiral Blue Beard's death at the hands of Captain Dread Eye. Then Carbunkles became in charge.

Provost envied Carl, so he tricked the three new recruits into killing Carl, however, Carl, who was taking a nap, manages to wake up and be able to defend himself, ending the life of one of the recruits.

Then, thanks to the help of Dagger Tremaine, they become allies to the Marouders and the Buccaneers.

After the final battle for the treasure, Carbunkles took a third of the treasure, while Cutlass and Scathe took the other two thirds. Carbunkles and the remaining Privateers were rewarded by the King.

Carl on the dock

Carl at the lighthouse