Cutlass at the helm

Cutlass at the helm

Captain Cutlass
Captain Cutlass




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Captain Cutlass is a pirate who commands his crew. His left hand is replaced by a hook, has a brown beard, large pirate hat and eye patch. The most known captain in all of pyrates, he is in the stories and movie.

He is also the only marauder captain who comes with the ship, Stormstalker.

In 2.0, he stays exactly the same, having a cutlass and coming with the stormstalker.

The cutlass, his weapon, is most appropriate.

but later on, they used the Captain Cutlass mold for Captain Sabrehook from Pyrates Cove and for Captain Quell from Crew Collection

Cutlass eventually got his revenge on King Midas for killing Blackteeth McBaine.

His clothing consists of a long red shirt, a black coat (the same color as his four-horn hat), a gray belt with two pistols kept, gray pants and rock boots. His right eye is covered by a golden patch and his left hand is replaced by a hook. It has a kind of piercing in the beard, as an ornament.

As you should know, the original story (shown in the promotional movie) is almost totally different from the known story. Here Cutlass, is still the captain of the Stormstalker. His debut was after the origin of the Skeletons, controlling the ship with the rudder. He killed Blackboots Burton at the start of the battle at Pyrate's Cove. He fought, in the aforementioned battle against Braggart T. Doyle and Admiral Bluebeard himself. In the end, he is shown giving orders to his crew during the battle in Skull Haven (Black Sea Battle), however, at no time was seen aboarding the Phantom.

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