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Captain Nathaniel J. Blood, was a privateer hired by the King of England personally. He sailed under the King's colors but was allowed to keep 50% of his winnings for himself. For just 13 years he served under the sails of the king before the greed began to enter his mind. He could have all of the winnings for himself, pirates could do it, why couldn't he, he thought. So that night of his 13th year of service, he killed his commanding officers and ran off with as much gold as he could carry. He chartered several others to come with him: Daniel Dagger, Sam Spitoon, Garry Goldbeard and Tyler Treasurethief. He and his men sailed as quickly as the could to Tortuga. The following morning, the fleet was sent after them.

Captain Nathaniel J. Blood


Occupation: Dread Pirate Captain
Status: Deceased, later revived
Goal: To get the Treasure of Perdition and kill anyone who gets in his way.

Captain Blood fought vigorously for his ill-gotten riches, but in the end, the number of naval men overwhelmed him and he abandoned the ship. Two of his men were now dead, and he vowed to avenge them. So Garry, Blood, and Sam sailed on towards Tortuga. There, they commissioned an entire, bloodthirsty crew of pirates to go after his nemesis and long time competitor; Bluebeard. He found the Avenger and opened fire, the battle was turning in favor of the pirates. Then, out of the mist came 5 naval galleons which surrounded the "Bloody Hook" and destroyed it completely. Only Sam survived. The captain dying and sinking beneath the waves, meet an unexpected help... Davy Jones. Jones revived him as a skeleton and forced his servitude.

Again he would escape imprisonment, but Jones could not be defeated, he would hunt him down and take back the debt due to him for all eternity. Blood continued to run all his life, building an armada along the way. He soon came to establish the Undead Armada. He would remain captain of this crew and would lead it to new heights. Until the day he heard the tale of Perdition...

The Treasure of Perdition[]

The vicious captain of the Undead Armada, found himself pondering over a map, the map to a treasure that made the Lord Pyrate's look like pocket change. He traced it for years but then lost the map in a brawl with the Red Hooks. Desperate to regain possession of the map, he scoured the seas destroy Red Hook vessels. He finally found his map, but the crew abandoned ship and set sail for Skull Haven. He pursued them. There he met the Skeleton Crew, now lead by Scrapedepth, and he proposed an alliance. Scrapedepth quickly declined, saying they had no need for such an alliance, though Morose did think it necessary. Soon the dread captain would find himself racing against the best of the best but not before running into an old foe. To be continued...

Character Created By - Captain Dread