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an Example of a Cannon The cannon from Mutiny Isle

Cannons are large weapons used by pirates. They are found on all ships and most larger islands. There are two types of cannons: harpoon and solid shot. They have various styles and colors. The only crew that has a paticular style of cannon is the Skeleton Crew, who uses a cracked grey solid shot cannon.

Skeleton Cannon

In the skull caves, Mutiny Isle has the commun appearance of a cannon, Maroon Gally has the Skeleton Crew cracked cannon and Coffer Trap has a harpoon cannon.

Harpoon example

Stormstalker has two cannons, the single shot and harpoon, Dread Eye's phantom has 3 skeleton cannons in wheels inside the ship.

Privateers Lighthouse has one of the unique looking cannons of the series, The Lighthouse uses a golden cannon similar to the appearance of the cracked cannon that Skeletons use.

Fort Defiance cannon

Lighthouse cannon

Fort Defiance includes a Silver cannon, that looks like the commun appearance of the cannon.