these are fictional crewmates from the alternate pyrates story 3.

Bloodthristy dusty and Conrad jones are two crewmates that defected from the privateers. Bloodthristy dusty was a murdurous crewmate, but Bluebeard did not see that when he first hired him. Bloodthirsty dusty became feared in his regiment. Conrad Jones, another soldier in his regiment, got on his good side because he didn't want to be killed. Bloodthirsty dusty got in a fiery argument with one of the other privateers and killed him. When Bluebeard found out about it, he marooned Boodthirsty dusty. He also marooned Conrad Jones because he thought he had involvement in it. They were stuck on one of the small islands in skull haven until Captain Brine's blood moon and his crew of buccaneers found him and picked them up, because they thought dusty's personality would benefit them.

Much later, Bloodthirsty dusty was sent to scout out a region of lost fortune with Sinister samuel. Dusty turned on sinister samuel because he went insane. Sinister samuel succesfully killed bloodthirsty dusty, however. Conrad jones never became deceased.

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