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The Battle Of Rummage Island was a fight between the Sea Marauders and the Privateers that took place shortly before the war began. The Captains were Theodore Twosails (Privateers) and Quell (Sea Marauders).


Quell formed the pyrate group known as the Sea Marauders, and was the most feared pyrate in the seas. He created a base on the remote place called Rummage Island. The other Marauder captain, Cutlass, refused to use the base, as he found it to be too vulnerable. He stuck to his Stormstalker.

The British King had assigned Captain Theodore Twosails to discover the location of the base. Twosails had a lot of difficulty, to the point where the King threatened him, as he was becoming more and more worried about his gold stash. Twosails was hopeless, until Admiral Blue Beard told him his scout, Charlie Carruthers, had discovered it was on Rummage Island. Twosails owed Blue Beard heavily, and he always looked on Blue Beard as a great man for saving him from the King's wrath. Twosails ordered his forces to attack at night.

The Battle[]

Quell was taken completely by surprise. Twosails entered the bay they were hidden in silent as a ghost, and once Quell's first mate, Sabrehook, noticed, Quell got up and led the cannon attack on the numerous Privateer vessels approaching quickly. Two ships were blown out of the water, but the flagship survived to the base. Twosails led his army through the tunnels, but Quell was prepared. Lucky Lootsgood and Oliver Lugsail had set up a trap. Two Privateers fell for it, both being decapitated by saw blades. Lootsgood and Lugsail, along with Jonathan JuryrigHully o' Brien and the majority of the crew, held back all the Privateers except for Theodore Twosails, who had gotten through to Quell and Sabrehook.

Twosails managed to render Sabrehook unconscious, then his leg was injured by Quell, who shot him with his crossbow. Twosails carried on, and when Quell was least expecting it, his right leg was cut off. Juryrig and Lugsail carried Quell to safety, while the awoken Sabrehook held off Twosails. A batch of the Sea Marauders made it to Quell's ship, soon Sabrehook as well after he punched Twosails in the face.

Despite being embarassed slightly, Twosails and the Privateers cheered, raising their flag in victory. Twosails was promoted to Commodore by the King, and in his mind, he owed it all to Blue Beard. At the same time, Quell's lost leg was replaced by a peg leg. Quell was later mutinied against by Sabrehook, sick of his condition, and marooned him on an island with Hully o' Brien.