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The battle for treasure island

Treasure island as shown in the map

The Battle for Treasure Island was a three-way fight for the Lord Pyrate’s treasure, which it turned out wasn’t actually there.


The three captains (Cutlass, Dread Eye, Blue Beard) had been following clues, and they had all been led to Treasure Island, the largest island in Skull Haven. The Privateers sent Admiral Blue Beard himself, along with Burt Bounty and Scabby Buckbeard. The Sea Marauders sent Murk Mariner and Musket Monroe. The Skeleton Crew sent Seadaemon and Bilge Treader.

Arrival and Discovery[]

Blue Beard and the Privateers were the first to arrive, and after searching the tomb, they discovered that the island held the Lord Pyrate’s personal treasure, not the treasure they were looking for. They did however find a spyglass with a note in it, and they took it. The Privateers quickly tried to leave, but they found the two skeletons planning to ambush the two Sea Marauders, who were climbing the rocks. Blue Beard needed to get to his dinghy, so he kicked Seadaemon off the bridge into the water while Bounty and Buckbeard held off Bilge Treader and tied him up. During the fighting, Mariner and Monroe snuck into the tomb, and realized that they had wasted their time, but Mariner still took the other mysterious spyglass.


The skeletons were confused out of their minds.

Battle For Treasure Island

They couldn’t understand why both the Privateers and the Sea Marauders were leaving without the treasure. The Privateers returned to the dinghy and escaped while the Sea Marauders snuck out of the tomb as Bilge Treader untied himself. Bilge Treader killed Monroe, whose body splashed into the water and was eaten by the nearby shark. Seadaemon crawled out of the water as Mariner got into his boat and left while the shark was distracted. The skeletons were the last, and after the skeletons found nothing in the tomb, both skeletons trashed it before leaving.


Dread Eye was angry when he heard the news, as was Cutlass, who took out his frustration by punching out Mariner. In a matter of hours, filled with discovery, Admiral Blue Beard would attack Dread Eye’s Phantom, and meet his demise, as well as the sinking of the Avenger.