Whoever wrote this seriously needs to list a source or else I will delete all things on this wiki that I feel are not backed up facts from the sets, the Mega Bloks company or other actual facts. This is a site for facts about the toys, not for posting your fan fiction.

Everyone has the right to make their stories. It's all fiction, FACE IT!

Then they can list the events told here as made up by ___. Some people may wish to know actual canonical events as said by Mega Bloks. This all can be very confusing to anyone but me, and whoever made it. Of course its all fiction.


History== The battle for Bloodbath Bay was not an attempt to capture the Privateer blockade but to neutralize Canonade Cliff. The Stockade and surrounding area was once a whaling station for a group of men until the Privateers took it from them and said they would be reloccated. When some of the men argued they were killed.

It was heavily armed to keep out any more Pyrates who wanted the Treasure but then almost completely abonded, leaving only 

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